Sales Policy

1. When your promotion codes in your account are nearly used up, please contact us to add more codes to your account as soon as possible cause from March 13, 2017 new Uber code order process time is within 24 hours. If you need to use in urgent we cannot support you all time, so pay attention to ensure that promotion codes are ready and enough to use.
2. To avoid users calling uber service for others, only 2 to maximum 5 codes will be added to one account per day.
3. Time to receive order of Vietnamese uber is from 9am to 17pm from Monday to Sunday and applied for Vietnamese time zone
4. Vietnamese uber only support online on Sarturday and Sunday so that the adding promotion code process will be slower than weekday.
5. When internet cables in Vietnam get any trouble, Uber system will not sync the data with US servers so Adding Promotion code process will be interrupted.
6. A few accounts get trouble with Uber payment system and money is hold after finishing the trip, please request refund from Uber and your money will be refunded.

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