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Dear customer,

We were information to everyone before. The Paypal is inadequacies so I have restrictions in payment methods, I would like to re-send the following payment methods:

1 / Payment by Paypal

2 / Payment by western union

3 / Payment by bank in Vietnam

You are payment follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose payment tool

If you choose payment by Paypal: You chat with us, we will provide you money transfer information (To avoid having your account limited, you will need to change your information regularly)

If you choose payment by Western union

Step 1: Choose

Step 2: Choose Country (choose your country) and click Send Money

Step 3: Choose Sent to Vietnam à set amound (number…) à Cash at Wu Location6 à Bank Account à Continue

Step 4: Log in or you haven’t registered, choose Sign up and fill your information in the profile.

Step 5: Fill our information in the profile,



Recipient information by western union

Full name: Le Hai Yen

Phone number: 0167 743 7068

Email: [email protected]

CMND: 135 654 772

If you choose payment by Banking Vietnam

Just go to the web to select the package used, the final price multiplied by the rate of 23,000 VND.

This is payment information


Chủ tài khoản: Le Hai Yen
STK: 0451000352546
CN: Thành Công


Step 2:  After sent money, please inform me by chat or support email and I will send you suitable receipt information, account name on HPWSNAB gateway to update your account balance after receiving your money.

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And Emai: [email protected] (8h00 – 20h00) Viet Nam


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