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Long Distance Service


Instruction to order Uber long trip:

Each trip must be $27 minimum, no max trip limit. Please send order as below:

From: address that you start to go as detail as you can

To: destination address as detail as you can

Category: kind of uber ( Uber X, Uber XL,....)

Time: time you want to go

Image: image of Uber app screen which shows both addresses and the trip amount to ensure the exact addresses and calculate 40% discount for the trip. If the trip rate increases, we will send you image of trip amount when we book your trip.

Rider: you will receive the car number and link of the trip to know how far the car is, if you book Uber for another person, you also can monitor that trip.

Please add FB of booking Uber Long Distance and Uber Eats support person, I cannot be online all time to support booking. Currently we have people to support everyday so if you have any demand of long distance Uber car or Uber eats, please contact with the following FB messenger:


Or https://m.me/join/AbYxVC5m3o4qOiVG

Please be noticed to add friend with the above FB right now cause FB messenger on smart phone won’t have any sound alert if you haven’t added friend, so we will miss your messages. In case you need in urgent, you can call FB messenger.

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