Go to the link  http://hpwsnab.com/signup

1. Enter

- User Name

- Pass: Greater than 6 characters

- Pass level 2 : Greater than 6 characters

- Full Name

- Email

- Phone

- Address

2. Click Register

3. Active Account

Go to the link http://hpwsnab.com/userlogin

1. Click Login

Go to the link http://hpwsnab.com/RecoveryPassword

1. Enter email . The system will send a new password to the email

Go to the link http://hpwsnab.com/1promotion-codes-uber1

1.    Enter Invite code 
2.    Enter promotion code for promotion
3.    Select Packet
4.    Click Buy
5.    Select an account or paypal
6.    If you choose an account with account, Enter Password level 2. 
7.    Check again order
8.    Click Pay 
Go to the link http://hpwsnab.com/viettel-card5414

1.    Choose amount
2.    Choose Quantity
3.    Click Buy Now
4.    Select an account or paypal
5.    If you choose an account with account, Enter Password level 2. 
6.    Check again order
7.    Click Pay 



Go to the link http://hpwsnab.com/AccountInfo

Go to the link http://hpwsnab.com/UpdateAccount



1.    Change information
2.    Click Update

1. Enter the deposit amount

2. Click Accept

IX. Change Password

Go to the link http://hpwsnab.com/ChangePassword

1. Enter old Password and New Password

2. Click Accept

Go to the link http://hpwsnab.com/ChangePasswordTwo

1. Enter old Password level 2 and New Password level 2

2. Click Accept


Go to the link http://hpwsnab.com/HistoryCard

1. Click Detail Transaction

2. Enter Password level 2

3. View card code.

XIII. View Uber transaction history

Go to the link http://hpwsnab.com/HistoryUber

Go to the link http://hpwsnab.com/ReportDetailUser

XV. History recharge

Go to the link http://hpwsnab.com/HistoryDeposit

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